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Lincoln Land Woodturners (LLW) was formed on December 9, 2006 as a forum for individuals interested in woodturning. The membership is primarily drawn from, but is not limited to, an area within 50 miles of Springfield, IL. We will strive to serve all turners in Central Illinois and adjacent areas that find benefit from our services.

The primary purposes of LLW are consistent with the fundamental purposes of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), “to provide Information, Education and Organization to those interested in turning wood.”

More specifically we try to grow the skills of members and increase the awareness of the general public to woodturning by:

  1. Providing a meeting location for woodturners.
  2. Sharing ideas regarding woodturning including lathes, tools, turning materials, turning techniques and design of turned objects.
  3. Providing educational opportunities for members to enhance and develop new skills.
  4. Hosting exchanges of wood and other woodturning materials.
  5. Keeping members informed about activities of interest to woodturners.
  6. Promoting woodturning as both an art and craft form.

The following activities of the past years provide an example of the kinds and variety of activities that you could expect by joining our local group. Many topics are revisited periodically to provide new and refreshed information.

  • Discussion of finishes for woodturning, the question of ‘food safe’ finishes generated lots of interest.
  • Turning small, useful objects like Wine stoppers, wine bottle coasters, and Christmas ornaments have been demonstrated and discussed.
  • Annual field trip to St. Louis to visit (shop) a number of businesses providing materials wanted and needed by turners.
  • Demonstration of rough turning a green bowl and then final turning and finishing of utility bowl.
  • Making your own turning tools.  All attending members were able to make and take along a small bent shaft turning tool.  Several key blacksmithing techniques including annealing the steel to be worked, forming the tool, tempering the cutting tip, and final shaping and sharpening of the cutting tip.  Members were to turn and attach their own handle to finish the project.
  • Discussion of the variety of techniques for drying green rough turned bowls for final turning.
  • Perform woodturning demonstrations at regional events like the Dixon Springs Stewardship Week, which provides educational sessions to approximately 3000 youngsters annually in enjoyment and maintenance of natural resources.
  • We have purchased 3 small lathes so that we can set up meetings and events for demonstrations, instruction and practice  of turning for members and guests.
  • We turned 200 white oak bowls for the Illinois Forestry Association.  They gave these to the State Legislators to remind them that forest resources are important for both recreation and as an industry.
  • In upcoming meetings we are planning meeting activities including:  Intro to segmented turning, coloring and dying wood with an airbrush, varieties of finishing techniques, useful spindle turnings, sharpening and maintaining tools and others.

Services of the club include:

  • Access to the club’s growing video library.
  • Opportunity to participate in the club’s mentoring program.  If you desire general tutoring to help you get started in turning or help developing a particular skill, contact any officer with your requests.
  • Discounts are available to members at Klingspor’s (Internet orders); Rockler, St.Louis; more to come.
  • Participation in the club’s mentorship program.
  • Participation in the national American Association of Woodturners
  • Club equipment is available for loan to club members.

LLW invites you to join us and experience new directions in woodturning.  For more information, email us at Lincoln Land Woodturners or contact the following members:

Ted Laffey by phone at (252) 343-7295 or by email to ; or

Tom Brock by phone at (217) 416-9858 or by email to

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